Seven Quick Takes: Life lately

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Linking up with Kelly for Seven Quick Takes. Life lately. That’s my topic. So exciting! How on earth will you contain yourself?! Here we go.


Last week was insane. Like, “I cannot believe we came out alive” insane. Well, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration. But you get the picture and you might have lived to tell too. Sometimes a little insanity is just the thing you need to remind yourself how much you and your kids crave and need order and consistency. But sometimes consistent is the hardest thing to be when life is crazy. And by crazy I mean, running all over the place, not eating healthily, shoving candy in our faces at all hours of the day, you know, the usual.


Speaking of candy. What on earth is wrong with us? Why, America? Why do we spend our hard earned money on candy to hand out to a bunch of strange kids and then allow our strange children to go door to door to ask strangers for candy that we know is going to make them act like crazy people? We know how bad it is for our bodies, our teeth, and our kids’ behavior. Yet every year, for about a week to ten days, we allow candy into our homes to destroy our children. Again, with the exaggeration! I suppose I’m feeling a little dramatic today. Too much candy for Mom? Stay with me. I want to have a cute little Halloween party like this one:

Cranberry Halloween Party
And never go trick-or-treating again. I’m serious! I want one night of eating s’mores and candy apples and all the cute stereotypical “Hallween-ish” snacks instead of trick-or-treating. Come to Miss Mary’s house and we shall have a Halloween party like you see in old storybooks. Especially if someone dresses up like Uncle Sam. To make a little sense of how we got to the trick-or-treating insanity, check out this interesting video from the History Channel.



Chris Stapleton is my new favorite. Justin’s pretty okay too. And the two of them together? Well, just look at the faces of all the other country music artists in the crowd. That was some serious singing. I think I need to put a JT concert on my bucket list. Until then, I’ll be watching this video on a loop.


In case you missed it, The SMAM Fam dressed up in some serious costumes this year for Halloween. Except for Little One. We bought her the most adorable little grey mouse costume to fit in with our Cinderella movie theme and she refused to wear it. I believe her words were, “No. No mouse.” So she, like the previous two siblings when they were two years old, wore a little skeleton tee shirt. No big deal. Well, don’t you know that the little stinker has been wearing a princess costume that arrived in the mail from her Godmother for three days? Yup. I even hemmed it for her so that she could wear it and not trip over the skirt. Two year old’s crack me up. They are in charge, in case you didn’t know.

Little One Princess Dress collage SMAM“I widdiful.” Yes baby girl, you are so beautiful!


Basketball starts next week. Soccer isn’t over yet. This should get interesting. Kids’ extra-curriculars are becoming what laundry used to be. Always there, always overwhelming, but you just have to bite the bullet and do it. I got over the laundry thing. I wonder when I’ll get over the driving thing? I started a discussion about this topic here. I’d love it if you’d add your thoughts!


Smarty Pants is now an altar server. I knew I would love seeing him up there, serving our Lord at Mass, but I never could have anticipated just how much he enjoys it.

Smarty Pants serves his first Mass SMAMHe looks pretty good in a cossock, doesn’t he?


Check out my Thanksgiving Pinterest Board for some free printables! There are so many beautiful little works of digital art out there these days, so if you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive decoration for Thanksgiving, print away!

free Thanksgiving printables vignette
Have a lovely Friday!


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