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Let me just start right off the bat by saying that these projects I’ve been doing lately have taken me about three hours each, start to finish. That includes taking everything out of the closets or cabinets, sorting through and categorizing the items that I’m organizing, cleaning all the cabinets/drawers/shelves, and putting everything in its new home, all pretty and organized. The idea is to complete one project at a time, while maintaining all the other duties that I have for the day. There is nothing more disruptive to my peace than a project that exhausts me, resulting in a cranky mommy who needs to order take-out for dinner. Over the years, I’ve learned that I really need to plan in advance what can be accomplished in one day, scheduling certain projects for the days of the week that aren’t already busy. It’s taken me a long time to admit to myself what is realistic and what isn’t. Avoiding overdoing it isn’t really my strong suit, so I need to sometimes stop in the middle of a project to sit down and put my feet up while I eat something and watch TV, or even lay down for a nap halfway through. After all, part of what is so great about cleaning things out, organizing, and getting rid of things should be an enjoyable, invigorating process, at least for a geek like me who gets a real kick out of this sort of thing. So, if you’re thinking about tackling your house, divide it up, one small area of the house at a time, one three hour slot at a time. I think you’ll find the whole experience so much more enjoyable this way.

So, this week, I tackled the Master Bedroom Closet on one day, the Living Room storage cabinets the next day, then the kitchen cabinets (minus the pantry), and finally, my off-season wardrobe. I feel more peaceful now that the main floor of the house is less cluttered. Just knowing that I’ve gotten rid of the excess makes me feel mentally lighter. The daily messes seem more easily surmountable now that the under layer of stuff and chaos has been removed.

Here’s what the unearthing of all the kitchen stuff looked like:

Everything out Kitchen KonMary SMAMI was so tired after emptying the cabinets, that I laid down to take a thirty minute nap. As I was falling asleep I realized that I had completely forgotten about two cabinets! Those two cabinets were filled with the appliances and and baking pans and tools that don’t get much use. It’s always tempting for me to just donate a lot of this stuff, but I don’t want to be stuck without the right baking pan or gadget when I’m making something. I hate the idea of purging and then re-buying. That would just be wrong. So, coming up with a different way of organizing all these items was the way to go. I ended up only have one medium sized box of things to donate. The thrill of having squeaky clean organized kitchen cabinets just makes me happy, like silly happy.

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