Christmas decorating, gifting, “baking,” & an invitation

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the ideas out there, isn’t it? So many pin-able images, printable recipes, and doable projects flooding my Facebook feed, “picked for me” pins, and pictures of holiday perfection on my Instagram account. Even the blog posts and articles about “what’s really important” can get in my head. I start questioning my own ability to just do our thing here at our home. Self-doubt and insecurity are a sure-fire way to suck all the holy out of anyone’s Advent. I even started wondering if I should stop sharing my ideas here and on social media. I was beginning to think that I was overwhelming people, making other women feel as if what they do just isn’t enough. But for every woman who avoids reading other people’s ideas, there’s another woman who gets a charge out of it. She takes what she likes, pins it, prints it, shares it, or even executes it, and derives some joy from someone else’s idea or discovery.

So before I share some of the things I do here in our home, allow me to say to you, beautiful woman reading this post: Please, take what you like and leave the rest. Take what seems doable, beautiful, helpful, or useful and implement it in your home to your heart’s content. My desire as a blogger has and hopefully always will be to share the things I do in my home, not to discourage, but to inspire. Consider this an invitation, one that you can accept or decline.

Here’s what I’ve posted so far:

St. Nick celebrations, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, a DIY Advent Wreath, and children’s book lists

Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day, St. Lucy, kid friendly decorating, and more children’s book lists

Since we’re almost halfway through Advent, I thought I’d share some SMAM links for more Christmas-related ideas. This Easy Christmas or Feast Day dessert is so delicious! I make it each year as a birthday cake for Jesus and the children love it, and let’s be honest, so do the adults. It’s nice to have something minty and cold after eating such a big heavy Christmas dinner. And if you’re interested in how I decorate our table for Advent and Christmas Season feast days, this Holiday Table post is for you. Last year I decided to go with a gold and white theme and I’ll be using all the same stuff this year. The Forget someone? post is all about those gifts that you need to pull together at the last minute. I also have a couple of inexpensive hostess gift ideas in there too. I hope these posts leave you feeling inspired. Come back next week for my 4th Annual Christmas Tour of our home. I’ll be linking up with The Nester!

Catholic Advent Pinterest SMAM hostess


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  1. This was great! Even though I am not a crafter or one who loves to spend time in the kitchen, I do get what I can out if your blogs and love reading every one!

    • I love ya, Kells. I have always appreciated your support of this little blog. You are a dear friend and I think the world of you. What an incredible wife and mother you are! Such an inspiration.

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