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Here we are, a master list of all the books our family owns in our home library relating to Advent and Christmas. When you click on the link, it will take you to another post on this blog that will have several book covers, and maybe some descriptions. Just click on the book cover image and you should be redirected to mostly Amazon, in a couple of cases other websites in the event that Amazon does not carry the book. I must warn you: Some of the books are outrageously expensive if you buy them from Amazon. In this case, you could always try other sellers such as Abe Books. You can also pin any books you can’t find on line on a Pinterest Board and next time you’re at a used book store or a thrift shop, you could search for it. Grandmothers also happen to be excellent detectives when in need of a book for their precious grandchildren.

I am a lover of children’s books, so please don’t be horrified by the number you see in these lists. It’s taken me a decade to create this library. I am certain that when The Hubs and I are old and grey, we will never regret having spent money on books for our children. And the time spent reading them to the kids is priceless.

Please consider this compilation my Christmas gift to you, dear readers. I have spent hours putting it together as a token of my appreciation for you all. This blog and the friendships I have made here are such a gift in my life. Merry Christmas!

Advent books

St. Nicholas

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Silly & Secular Stories

Catholic Christmas Books

Holiday Classics

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