Our Moving Process Part 2: Why Indiana?

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So many friends have been asking, “Why Indiana?” There are some days when I respond to that question with a hearty, “Heck if I know!”

I cannot believe that I, Mary Jones, born and raised in Southern New Jersey, lover of the ocean and sandy shores of North Carolina, could possibly be moving to Indiana.

The following are things that I imagine other people saying. These speculations could also be categorized as Things Mary asks herself on a regular basis since this whole thing started last summer:

“She must be going because of a job transfer.”


“Surely, they have family out there?”


“Does she enjoy colder winters? Perhaps she wants to live somewhere with more grey cold days.”

Definitely not.

“Maybe one of the kids wants to become a basketball star. They say Indiana is the place to go if you want to raise a child to become the next Larry Bird!”


The truth is, this whole Indianapolis thing has been a process which started off with a simple conversation about BIG life decisions. Last spring, The Hubs sent my friend Elise and I on a trip to New York City. I left on a Tuesday and came back on Thursday and somehow this was just enough time for my husband to formulate a simple question brought on by some observations.

“What are we doing here?”

At the time, Little One was a toddler and Social Butterfly was in half day pre-K. The Hubs worked from home during my getaway and so had the two little ones to juggle with work calls and Skype meetings. Let’s just say that when I returned, I felt very appreciated. I believe it was a walk through the neighborhood in the middle of the day that was the Epiphany Moment for him. “Mary! No one was outside! There weren’t any other moms out playing with their children. This neighborhood was completely quiet, even after school let out.”

It’s funny, isn’t it? When you’re in the thick of it everyday, you don’t really notice the things that may be amiss. We moved into this house in July of 2008. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom, alone in a quiet neighborhood for years! When I need some adult conversation or some play time for my kids, I have to drive to a friend’s house. That’s just the way it’s always been for me. I can say the same of our home in Arlington as well.

What came out of both of our mouths next was what surprised us both the most. The Hubs asked me,

“Are you attached to Northern Virginia?” 

“I’m really not,” I replied.

“Neither am I!” he said.

Okay, next question, then. “If you could live anywhere, where would you like to live?”

For some reason, I had a laundry list of places I couldn’t live, and when we’re talking about living, we’re talking about raising a large-ish family and sending them to catholic school.

The South? No. Philadelphia? No. California? No. Chicago? No. St. Louis? No. Kansas City? No. Florida? No.

“My company has an office in Indy,” said he.

I could live in Indy, maybe? Let’s visit and see how we like it.

And so began a nine month research project entitled, Can this East Coast couple raise their children in a mid-west town?

You know what we found out in the four trips we took to Indianapolis, Hamilton County to be precise? We love it there.

The houses and properties, the neighborhoods, the parishes, the catholic schools, the people! It’s true what they say, you know. Mid-Westerners really are genuinely nice folks. They smile at you and say hello. They take the time to talk and ask if they can help in any way. Upon meeting you, they even do things like offer you used uniforms for your kids if you need to borrow some.

This is not to say that there aren’t other places in this vast country of ours that couldn’t offer the same kindness. In fact, I’m certain that there are. The thing is, St. Joseph’s intercession, and the open doors in front of us (surely opened by the Hand of God) are what lead us to Indiana. The job that The Hubs already had, the agreement from his boss to move him to the Indy office, our house selling at the right price in the right amount of time, the beautiful home in Carmel just a half mile from the school and parish where we felt the most at home, the children’s acceptance into the school (all four of them!) — everything has just fallen right into place. Each time a door has opened, we have walked through it with confidence and peace, knowing that this decision to move our family to Carmel, Indiana, is the right one.

The truth is, we could continue to raise our family as we have been right here in Northern Virginia. But for whatever reason, seen or unseen, we are moving to Carmel, Indiana because we truly believe it’s where the next chapter of our story begins. We can’t wait to see how it all turns out! And we know, with all certainty, that God has some wonderful and exciting things planned for us. All we have to do is trust and continue to say YES!

I’ll keep you informed with answers to the final question. My heart tells me Indy is going to be great for this East Coast Girl and her family.

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13 Responses to Our Moving Process Part 2: Why Indiana?

  1. Dear Mary
    I wish very good luck on your moving to Indiana. Last week I fulfilled one of my dreams since I know my self . My husband and I went to the Holy Week in Sevilla ( Spain). First time ever I spent Easter without my children or family . I missed that part but on the other way it was so marvelous and inspiring . I remembered you and your family ( and your move across your country) in my prayers. I really think everything is going to be ok with new school ,new parish, new house.
    I will be praying for you all.


  2. Bob has been to Carmel! And their local high school has a really great running program which has been one of our competitors at Nationals! I’m sure you will love it there Mary! I’ll visit 😉

  3. Welcome to the Hoosier state! Indiana is a great place to live 🙂 I’ve lived in NE Indiana my entire life, and love raising my family here. I met a bunch of girls in Indy thru Blessed is She, so definitely join the Midwest group and connect with us! I hope the transition goes smoothly for your family 🙂

  4. My sister Theresa lives in Carmel and is a nurse there. You’ll have to connect with her…. Her husband is the ethicist for St Vincent hospital. They are a Steubenville couple 🙂

  5. I get the same question: why Indiana? After moving from the Philippines.

    It was my mom’s job.
    Now our reason is family. It takes a village to raise my 4 bears 😉

    Love this series. Praying the move will be as smooth as it can be. Excited to see how you’ll transform your new house to your home.

  6. So….How do you like Carmel?! :). I was raised there and now live in California. My husband and I always talk about moving back! Give us an update, please! 🙂

    • Hi Amy! I love it here! It’s hard to believe it’s been almost eighteen months since we moved in. I will add an update to my “blog topics” list. Now that Little One is in Pre-K fifteen hours a week, I plan to get back to blogging, so thanks for the idea!

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