Our Moving Process Part 3: Packing!

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Continuing with my series about the story of our move to Indianapolis, I am going to share a little bit with you about packing up the house. I started the day after Christmas and have gone back to it a few times, but now that the boxes have been dropped off by the moving company, and our move date draws nearer, packing is in full swing! Just to re-cap, here are the first few posts:

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Our Moving Process, Part 3: Packing!

We have lived here for almost nine years. We’ve brought two babies home to this house, hosted Baptism and First Holy Communion celebrations, birthday parties, Christmas dinners, Easter feasts, Feast Day celebrations, a baby shower, and countless visitors, family and friends. Our back porch has been a gathering place where I have laughed, cried, and laughed some more with girlfriends and sisters. I’ve spent hours upon hours nursing babies in our nursery, folding laundry in our laundry room, and weeding flower beds in our yard. This home is where we’ve had arguments that have drawn us closer, talks that have made us wiser, and conversations that have taught us to love more deeply. Our family has played here, prayed here, grown here.

Dimples 1st HC walking into house

And now, it’s time to pack up all the stuff that we call dear: the clothes, plates, pots, pans, tablecloths and glassware, candlesticks and pillowcases. The children’s books and school work, the Christmas decorations and the photo albums. It’s all coming with us so that we can make¬†new memories in a new home. While the stuff isn’t required, it certainly helps conjure up the good times attached to the presence of the stuff.

SB birthday cake 3

In November, before Thanksgiving, we took as many pictures as we could off the walls¬†without leaving the house looking like no one lived here. We started up in the kids’ rooms and then worked our way around the first floor. Dimples helped me quite a bit with this project, wrapping each and every frame or piece of artwork with bubble wrap. We left a handful of pictures unwrapped, knowing we’d want some for staging later.

In December, after much debate and disagreement, we decided to hire professional painters to come in and paint all the ceilings on the first and second floor of the house. Before we moved in, we had all the walls painted, but we never touched the ceilings. It was one of those jobs that we knew would make an impact once it was done. Boy were we right! The painters had to set up scaffolding in the living room, since it’s a vaulted ceiling that is at roof level, so we thought it would be best if they came in to work while we visited Indy with the kids. Our friend owns the subcontracting company, so we knew we could trust them with the key to our home, etc. So, the day after Christmas, we packed the Christmas decorations so that they’d be move ready. The Hubs took all the Christmas boxes over to a storage unit that we started renting in November. We moved some furniture to the storage unit and took down the drapes and window blinds.

office painting project SMAM

While we were in Indy, they completed all of the ceilings very quickly, then moved on to the walls. We picked out a nice creamy off-white, “Cottage White” by Sherwin Williams, and a bright, glossy white for all the trim. They assured us that it would be easy for us to touch-up with the paint they chose for the walls, which, with seven people in the house, would be necessary before listing.

living room painting project SMAM

When we returned from Indy, the painters were still here! They took a break for about a week and eventually came back to keep going. They re-grouted the kids’ bathroom floor, cleaned the tile in the master bathroom, and laid new tiles on the floor of the master bathroom. Even the garage door, front porch, and front door got a fresh coat of paint. The Hubs replaced all the hinges and door knobs to brushed silver, and voila! Our home was ready for its close-up, and a ton of our belongings were in the basement storage, boxed up in our garage, or taken to our storage unit.

collage of upstairs SMAM

It was chaotic, packing up so much of our stuff in November and December, but I’m glad we did it. Obviously, now that it’s go-time, we have a lot less to do, but also, it got the moving conversation going with the kids. It also helped us tremendously when it was time to list the house and start showing it. So much work had already been completed!

Master BR listing SMAM

So what’s left now? Well, if you’ve read my posts about how I organize toys, school work, craft supplies, etc, you know that they’re already in boxes in the storage area of our basement. There may be a lot of stuff down there, but most of it is ready to go!

basement storage SMAM

As for the rest of the house, we’re talking clothes, kitchen stuff, shoes, tools, cleaning items, too many things to list here, really. And if I were to actually list them I think I might have a coronary.

So! I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on, one box at a time, cranking some Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, forgetting all about things like showering and doing my hair for now. And eventually, I do believe, the packed items will outnumber the unpacked items and we’ll be ready to go! Then I’ll let the professionals come in and move the big stuff.

Stay tuned for our progress….

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  1. When I think back to the selling of our house and move last summer it is all so foggy. I remember it was kind of terrible especially pregnant but that’s about it. I have no idea how we packed 13 years of stuff (our selves) and moved every ounce of it (ourselves). Total miracle that we pulled it off. Praying for you and the family!

    • It’s going really well. I am fixin’ to write a post all about it. It’s been so busy, I just haven’t been able to find the time to write.

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