New Home Tour: The Basement

Helloooooooo from Indiana!!!!! I sure have missed blogging. I’ve been taking pictures of every little thing I do here in our new home, hoping to motivate myself to get back to sharing here on the blog. Taking the time to actually edit, upload, and write, well, that’s another thing altogether. So I’m going to start simple with the basement. The wall color is great, no painting necessary. The carpet is fantastic, no need for Pergo here! All I had to do is dig deep into the boxes and boxes of basement stuff and go for it. I promise to give you a tour of each part of our new home, but it’ll require some patience on your part. I find it so difficult to find time to blog when all the kids are home for the summer!

Welcome Basement

Welcome to the basement! This is what you see as you come down the steps. The print of Our Lady of Guadalupe was a going away gift from a beautiful family we know at our old parish. I found the frame at my new Hobby Lobby. Isn’t it perfect? I love that she’s the first thing you see when you come down the stairs. Just so you get an idea of the layout, turn to the right and you are in the kitchen area, turn to the left and you’re in the ping pong/air hockey/pool table area.

basement kitchen area SMAM

The previous owners had this little kitchenette put in when the house was built. It consists of a refrigerator, sink, and dishwasher with plenty of cabinets. We use the fridge, for sure, and the cabinets are great for extra decorating items that I haven’t found a use for yet. I suspect, like the previous owners, we will never use the dishwasher. The sink will probably only get turned on to fill teapots and cups for basement tea parties. The art on the wall above the kids’ kitchen set used to be in the guest room at the old house. Remember this?


I removed all the purples and blacks and replaced them with bright and happy colors, adding a couple of canvases to the mix to cover more wall. This space really needed the splash of color and I’m happy with how it turned out.

kitchen basement SMAM

The good old foosball table was a big challenge for our movers to get here. But as the kids get older, I am sure we’ll be happy to have so many games for them to play with their friends.

Lego tables SMAM

I decided to change up the pictures of the kids that used to be on the walls of the basement stairs. I like the big impact, and again, the splash of color on this big wall above the boys’ Lego tables. To the left there we have a full bath, and, not shown, a work out room that could also be a bedroom. We have The Hubs’ heavy bag set up in there, and we intend on putting down some rubberized flooring on top of the carpet so that the girls have a place to practice Irish Dance. Eventually we’d like to purchase a stationary bike or treadmill. Also to the left is the basement storage. The previous owners kindly left up all the shelving they had installed, so we have plenty of places to stack up all those clear plastic bins of holiday decorations and extra toys.

Slide basement SMAM

Here we have our good old little slide, Ikea couch, and the sliding door walkout. Just look at all that day light streaming in through those doors! Heart.Eyed.Emoji.

basement built-ins SMAM

I am in love with these built-ins. So much room for toys and board games! And they’re just pretty, aren’t they? Every time I look at these shelves and cabinets I am just so grateful to the previous owners. They put so much attention into the details of this home that we now get to enjoy!

basement walkout SMAM

And here is the walk-out. The stairs lead up to a cement patio surrounded by planters filled to the brim with perennials. It’s a dreamy spot, the perfect size for the little fire pit you see there at the bottom of the steps. It’s also plenty big for our old table and chairs we’ve had for all thirteen years of our marriage. That was a Target purchase we will never regret!

basement collage SMAM.jpeg

Again, our trusty old Ikea sectional, and an old coffee table — this is the fourth layer of pain on those legs! They’ve been forest green, cranberry red, eggplant purple, and now, Sherwin Williams “Lakeshore” — basically teal. The previous owners offered to sell us some of their stuff before they moved out. One of the items we bought was their three-in-one ping-pong/air hockey/pool table. We use it quite a bit. The kids are having fun learning to play ping-pong. As you can see there on the score board, The Hubs defeated Fr. Haan when he was here to bless the house. More on that story at a later date.

Secret Room

And here is one of my absolute favorite features of our new home: The Secret Room. When we toured the house for the first time, it was with the owners. They showed us this little spot, misty-eyed with memories of their two daughters reading and playing under the stairs. I must admit, it was one of the those moments when I realized, this home that I loved instantly was a place full of memories for another family, just as the home we were about to leave in Virginia was for ours. I decided then and there that this little spot that was so precious to one family, would become precious for us too.

Secret Room entry

I looked through all the paint cans that were left behind and went with yellow. It was so fun to take things from our old home and place them here in the Secret Room. What’s old becomes new somehow when you put it in a new house. Getting creative with our decor that took so much effort and time to wrap and pack and move and unpack makes it all worth it!

Secret Room corner

The kids’ favorite thing to game to play here is school. Isn’t that funny? They’re on summer vacation and they play school.

Secret room book basket

Well, there you have it! The basement tour is complete. I’m so happy to be back to blogging! I hope you’ll come back for another tour.

basement decorating PIN


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  1. i have been looking forwarded to this post! keep ’em coming! God is so good and you are so very blessed! love you, mare!

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