New Home Tour: Nursery

This week’s peek into our new home is of the nursery. I’m a sucker for a cute nursery. Then again, who isn’t? With the wall color, the whimsical flowers painted by hand, and the built-ins, this room already had plenty of charm, so it really was just a matter of arranging furniture and styling the built-ins. Fun and easy!

Welcome to our nursery, also known as “Little One’s Room.” As I mentioned in the basement tour, our first look at our home was with the previous owners. The wife pointed out to me that the desk in the middle would be just the right size to double as a changing table. Yes, we bought the house just because of this little detail. I admit it.


Even the little window valance was here. Isn’t it precious? There is a light box under the wooden valance that we leave on each night as a little night light.

Little One's window

Just look at her, squealing and giggling with delight in her little window looking out at the back yard. Swoon-worthy, for sure.


I decided to put our kids’ library in this room because I just love having our collection of children’s books on display. At our old house, we used to keep all of the books in the cabinets of our living room built-ins. It was fine, but there was a lot of shuffling of books from the living room up to the children’s rooms, and then back down again to switch them out for seasons and holidays. It’s nice having all of our books at our fingertips, ready to read!


Little One won’t be sleeping in a crib for much longer, so I’m thinking this pretty little bed will fit nicely where the crib now stands. It’s Nine by Novogratz, available at WalMart, so it won’t break the bank.

Novogratz bedNine by Novogratz 

nursery closet

I’m telling you, the previous owners of this home thought of everything! Just look at this closet! Boxes of clothes that I used to have to lug down to the basement storage at our old house can be kept upstairs now. Changing out seasonal clothes is going to be so much easier! It’s a mom’s dream come true. Before we moved, I went through every box of baby and kids’ clothes and purged. I kept only my favorite outfits and let go of all the unneeded extras and tucked them in the massive drawers.

nursery drawers

If the Good Lord should bless us with another life to love, well, the baby clothes will be easy to find! Eventually, of course, we’ll make good use of these drawers for something other than baby clothes. For now, though, this works.


Thanks for reading! Next up, the girls’ room. Here’s a little sneak peak:


Nursery IG graphic


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