New Home Tour: The Sitting Room and Master

As expected, this series is taking me for—eh—-ver! I’m going to blame it on summer. Now that the kids are back in school, I have more time to sit down and enjoy the process of blogging, something that I have really missed for the past several months. So far, I’ve given you a tour of the basement and I’ve shown you all the sweet little details of the nursery and the cuteness of the girls’ room! Today, it’s all about the upstairs sitting room and master bed/bath… Shall we call it the Master Suite? Yes, let’s! 

New Home Tour: The Basement

New Home Tour: Nursery

New Home Tour: The Girls’ Room

New Home Tour: Master Suite

Let me just start by saying that I find the term “Master Suite” to be obnoxious. Although it is an accurate description of the three rooms I’m about to share with you, the “Sitting Room” or “Bonus Room” just outside the Master Bedroom is really for the family. And, eventually, we could convert it into a nursery if need be. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! It’s nice to think that we could enclose the Sitting Room with glass in the big opening to create some privacy, which is what we’d do to make it a nursery. But for now, it’s a place for our family to gather and pray, as well as watch movies together.

sitting room from upstairs hall

View from upstairs hallway.

sitting room view of MBR

sitting room couch

sitting room red chair and bookcase


sitting room tv armoire

This is truly my favorite room in the house. Wait, did I say that about the girls’ room too? I guess it’s just that I feel calm and peaceful whenever I relax in the Sitting Room and the Girls’ Room (especially when they’re not there). If you’ve ever been to our old house in Virginia, or if you look through my blog archives for a tour of our last home, you’ll recognize almost all of the furniture in these photos. One of the most enjoyable aspects of moving has been to re-imagine where to place our furniture and how to put it to good use in a new space. One of the end tables and the coffee table were purchased from the previous owners at a really great deal. Just a little tip for you if you’re about to move: if you see something you like in the home you’re buying, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they owners are looking to off-load any of their stuff. We purchased a three-in-one ping pong/pool/air hockey table, two couches, an arm-chair and ottoman, coffee table, and two end tables for a song and everything was here waiting for us the day we arrived.

Alright, welcome to the Master Bedroom!


MBR settee and gallery wall

This is just to the left as soon as you walk in the door.

MBR bed 2

MBR Nina's dresser

So I hear it’s really bad Feng Shui to have your headboard up against windows. But, because of the closet door and the bathroom door, I think there’s only one wall to put the headboard against, and then the bed would have to be sideways. Wouldn’t that be bad Feng Shui as well? Any experts with suggestions? I’m thinking about just pulling the bed away from the windows so that we don’t feel like we’re sleeping in the bow of a boat during a rain storm. We’ve had a few huge thunderstorms here since we moved and each time, they’ve woken me up, like to the point where I’m wide awake and can’t fall back asleep.

Okay, before I show you photos of the Master Closet, please know that I find the size of this closet to be a bit over the top. Having said that, words cannot express how happy I am to no longer have any clothes, shoes, bags, purses, bathing suits, or winter gear in storage. Oh, the time this will save at the change of the seasons!!!

MBR closet

Now onto the Master Bath!
Master Bath

Storage, storage, and more storage! Then a little dressing table for me! That white shelf was an Ikea purchase years and years ago. I never thought that a single piece of furniture could be used for so many different purposes! I like having a pretty little feminine place to put all my jewelry, perfumes, lotions, etc.

Master Bath shower

Master bath tub

Then on the other side of the bathroom we have our shower and tub, both bathed in natural light. Never in a million years would I have planned or sought out a master bathroom like this one, so grand and fancy. But I loved the rest of the house, so, there it is.

The boys’ room isn’t finished yet, so I think next week I’ll show you one of the rooms on the main floor. Can’t wait! Have a lovely day.

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