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I don’t know about where you live, but here in Central Indiana it has been quite a warm autumn so far. Right now, every window in our house is open and there is a breeze blowing through the tree outside my dining room window. I have on jeans and a tank top and I’m not the slightest bit chilly. In fact, at one point this afternoon, I contemplated closing all the windows and turning on the AC. Our thermostat said it was 81 degrees in the house! It seems a bit strange to be decorating for Halloween and figuring out costumes, especially since I was told that it would be quite chilly, even cold for trick-or-treating in just two weeks. We’ll see about that. But, the calendar says that it’s time for all things fall decor, so I decked the halls, walls, table tops, and porches with whatever we moved here from Virginia. I tried so hard not to make any new purchases, but it’s just such a fun time of year, I couldn’t hold back on a few little purchases from my two favorite places. At Home and Homegoods have so many reasonable decorations for autumn and Halloween. We even took the kids with us to At Home and they chose, well, you can guess:


…. a bag o’ bones! Yup. The skeleton was all them. I feel I have displayed it rather tastefully, thank you very much. One of the least expensive things you can use to decorate for Halloween are photos of your kids from Halloweens past. I keep the photos in the Halloween decoration bins and then just add a couple of my favorite pics each year. The kids love to look back at their different costumes over the years.


When we bought this house, the previous owners left all their drapes and cornices as well as the black silk lampshades on the dining room chandelier. Black silk doesn’t really jive with my color palette, but I kept them in our basement storage specifically for Halloween. I know, I’m nuts. But don’t they look great?


For me, the best part about decoratingĀ our homeĀ for holidays is playing around with what we already have. Something I used a certain way at any of our former homes can be reinvented and refreshed. Last week, while the kids were at school, I spread all of our Halloween decorations all over the entryway and dining room table. Over the course of the school day, I took my time placing items here and there, taking a step back to look at it, sometimes snapping a photo on my phone to look at it from a different perspective. By the time the kids came home from school, the house was decked with all things autumn and Halloween. It was so cute watching Little One’s excitement over every little detail. They were so excited to see all the familiar decorations from our old house, displayed here in our new home. It conjures up fond memories and creates a space for new memories to be made. That’s what home is, right?


Truth be told, I never really liked Halloween that much. I guess as a kid I did, but you know how it is when you’re older. Things that were magical and exciting in your childhood lose their luster when you get older. I sort of surprised myself and my spouse when I started getting into Halloween as a mom. It’s such a child-like holiday, one where I can create memories with our children and maybe be a bit of a kid again myself.


Admittedly, some of the decorations I’ve added to our collection are for me. The candy corn I have displayed in the kitchen is totally for me. It’s my favorite candy, so when I saw this metal painted giant candy corn, I just had to have it. It’s such a cheerful candy, isn’t it?


This is our guest bathroom as well as the only bathroom on the main floor, so it gets a lot of use. My favorite Halloween touch are the bat finger towels I found online last year. Aren’t they the cutest? Totally impractical, but completely adorable.




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