A Tour of Our Home at Christmas 2016, Part 2


Welcome to my Fifth Annual Christmas Tour of our Home! That is just crazy for me to say. In 2012, I started this blog, almost solely because I wanted to link up with The Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes. And here I am, still at it, albeit sporadically, doing the blog thing and sharing our digs with you. This year is particularly exciting because we are in a new home, so what was old is new again! If you’ve toured our home in Christmases past, then I’m sure you’ll recognize most of what you see. For me, Christmas memories are wrapped up in what’s familiar, so I like using and re-using, changing up and re-purposing the stuff we’ve had for years. In the case of our new home, I’ve had to add a few new things, but not much. It’s been a fun process and I hope you enjoy! Once again, thank you so much for hosting, Nester!

Yesterday I started the tour with the entryway and dining room. Today I’d like to show you the kitchen and family room.


Typically, we have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner in the dining room, but Christmas morning brunch is best enjoyed at the kitchen table. We’re grazers on Christmas morning: super hungry from opening gifts, but ready to get back to perusing the presents, then back to the table for seconds, etc. I always set the table the night before so that I don’t miss any of the fun of Christmas morning.


We always have a big honey ham, french toast casserole, fresh berries, and mimosas for mom and dad. The casserole can be assembled the day before and takes an hour to bake, so I pop it in the oven as soon as I wake up. Easy! Links to Christmas recipes and menus for your cooking pleasure!


I drive my family crazy, but I put away all the extra appliances at Christmas time. I have too many cute bowls, dishes, and serving trays that just need to be on display. So the toaster, toaster oven and blender go into the cabinets. And since everything feels more cluttered than usual, I absolutely must have an empty island. There’s just something about having one space in the room that is cleared, although it hardly ever is.



Usually I dedicate this counter to the printer and my command center, but since I’ll be doing so much baking and cooking in the next couple of weeks, I’ve reserved this spot for my mixer, cookie cutters, and recipes. This will be our first Christmas with a double oven. Does that mean twice the cookies? I hope so!


I enjoy having some space above the kitchen cabinets to place more decorations. Red berry garlands and just a couple of red chargers give a nice splash of color in our very wooden kitchen. Maybe I should consider putting some colorful items up there after the holidays to break up the brown.


The Advent Calendar Clings from Wee Believers has been a huge hit with the kids. They can’t wait to add new clings to the Nativity Scene each morning. Admittedly, I love to watch the scene grow too!



I scored the garland on the mantle at a 70% off sale over Thanksgiving weekend and added some battery operated dew drop lights for a little glow. I am so happy with how it looks. I think the pomegranates are what sold me.



Each year, my brother-in-law, Fr. David, adds to this nativity scene on December 6th, the Feast of St. Nicholas. What started out as a wedding gift has turned into an annual gift, one that we look forward to so much! He puts quite a bit of thought and care into which piece he’s going to add next which is what makes it so meaningful, I think. This year’s addition has two pieces: It’s the woman sitting on the well at the left. Isn’t it incredible? Hands down my favorite piece yet…


Second only to the Three Kings’ elephant. I love that they have somewhat of an entourage, as they should.


And the beloved Christmas tree. We have to have faux greenery inside the house because one of us has a pretty severe allergy to fresh pine. I never thought I’d say this, but I don’t mind it, really. A pre-lit fake Christmas tree is pretty easy to put up and take down each year, I must say!


Surrounding ourselves with familiar things that evoke memories of Christmases Past will hopefully help us get through our first Christmas without visiting or being visited by family. We’ll enjoy all the old traditions, and maybe start some new ones in our new Mid-Western home. Whatever emotions we may feel, one thing is for certain: Our joy will only be complete because of a Baby in a lowly manger coming into our humble hearts.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Mary, everything looks just perfect! So pretty, so cozy, so welcoming! I’m always impressed. And this year, to think that you just moved here so recently and you’ve already found just the right place for everything. Not surprised at all.

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