New Home Tour: Guest Room and Guest Bath

I’m continuing with my New Home Tour this week. So far, I’ve given you a peak at the basement, all the sweet little details of the nursery and the cuteness of the girls’ room, as well as the upstairs sitting room and master bed/bath. I welcomed you into our home through the front door, showing you the entryway and dining room,  as well as the family room and kitchen. Now it’s on to the Guest Bedroom and Bathroom which are on the main floor, just off the kitchen.

The Basement


The Girls’ Room

Master Suite

Entryway and Dining Room

Family Room and Kitchen

Guest Bedroom and Bathroom

Welcome to our guest room! I really love this room. I come in here for privacy when I need to talk to one of my sisters or friends. I can just flop down on the bed and relax a bit while I talk and listen. It’s such a calming space. The wall color was here when we bought the house and I saw no need to re-paint. It’s a lovely color and goes well with the rest of the house, I think.

The guest room is located on the main floor of the house, next to the laundry room and kitchen. The photo on the left shows you a view of the room from the kitchen. You can see in the pic on the right how the mud room is between the guest bedroom and the kitchen. That’s where we enter and exit the house to get to the garage and the driveway. Confused yet? So much activity takes place in this corner of the house.

I really like this bathroom. The only downside is that there is no other bathroom on the first floor. I know. Not great when we have guests. It would be nice if there was a half bath somewhere else on the main floor for these occasions. To provide some privacy for visitors, I put a sign on the bathroom door reminding the kids to use a different restroom. It usually says something like, “Keep out, you filthy little animals! This bathroom is for our guests!” You know, something subtle and polite. The upside of only having one bathroom on the main floor? Less cleaning! And I do like have a bathtub where I can rinse muddy feet, which is nice.

Again, we kept the paint color that was already here. It’s the only brown remaining from the previous owners and I think it works with the mirror and sink. I added splashes of color to match the bright shower curtain. Isn’t the stainless steel sink cool? Okay, now the bedroom.

I store my table cloths, place mats, and linen napkins on the upper shelves of the guest room closet. The ironing board and iron hang on the closet door. I’m one of those strange women who finds ironing to be quite relaxing. This room is a nice spot for setting up the old ironing board to get through a pile of The Hubs’ shirts. When I don’t have time to fold sheets and towels after they come out of the dryer, I toss them on the bed and get to them when I can. And when I just can’t take the clutter of daily life with five children, I toss whatever is in my way on the floor and shut the door. Maybe we should re-name it “Mom’s Crap Room”?

The Hubs built the headboard for me when we were newlyweds. I followed a tutorial I found on line somewhere and covered it with batting and a striped fabric that matched our room at the time. I re-covered it with this plain linen looking upholstery fabric so that it wouldn’t be the focal point of the room. The black desk and chair were given to us by some friends who just didn’t have a need for them anymore. They’re from Ethan Allen! What a nice “hand-me-down,” right? The Holy Water font is a very special piece given to me by my mom. It was the font in the sacristy at the parish she grew up in. Isn’t it beautiful? I suppose there are many other places in the house where I could hang it, but I love it right where it is. The big book case in the room was something I bought from a friend when I was still single. It’s an Ikea piece that has served so many different purposes in our home, from laundry room closet for four kids’ wardrobes, to back pack and shoe rack, to this little spot. I love that bookcase for all the ways it’s served our family.

So, that’s it! The tour of our guest quarters is complete. As always, I hope sharing my ideas with you serves as inspiration in your own home. Here’s a pin for you so you can save this post on one of your Pinterest Boards!

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  1. As always , love these posts. Thanks for sharing Mary. I love hearing the stories behind the items in each room. I’ll be sad when the house is done.

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