Easter table decor

I got the crafting bug the other day while at Michael’s, just browsing by myself while Little One was at school. When I have the opportunity to go out by myself, I love to browse the aisles of craft stores to conjure up ideas. Sometimes, rarely, I leave empty handed, but never uninspired. On this particular walk through Michael’s I found myself missing my family, especially my parents. Typically, we host Easter dinner at our home, but this year, our first Easter in a new state, new parish, new neighborhood, it’ll just be us. I’m a little sad about it, so creating something beautiful for myself and my family to enjoy was an outlet. Creating beauty has always been a consolation for me.

This idea to make little baskets for each person at our Easter table came to me on my way to Michael’s. It’s amazing how just being alone in my car can be inspiring!  I already had the little cardboard fruit containers. When I saw the precious little birds in a pack of six, I knew I had to incorporate them somehow. I found the beaded eggs, paper grass, and mini Easter lilies at my next stop: Hobby Lobby. I picked up some wooden ovals and some chalkboard spray paint for my little “Alleluia Chalkboards.”

A lot of times when I craft, I start with one basic idea and just build as I go. Over the years, I have accumulated so many crafting supplies, I swear I could open my own craft store out of my basement! I have no problem getting rid of unused toys or clothes, but crafting items get put in bins and stored on the shelves in my basement storage for that moment when creativity sparks an idea.

This part of the project was super simple. I just ripped a hunk of the paper grass out of the bag and stuffed it into the container. Then I nestled the egg, stuck in the bird, and cut a couple of lilies from the bunch and placed them next to each other. There are so many ways you could personalize this project with a name or a quote of some kind, maybe a Scripture verse.

I just love all the textures and colors. They’re so pleasing to look at and they just make me happy. You could go super simple with a white table cloth and white dishes, or you could go wild with color and print.

I made enough baskets for our family and a couple to spare. I think the girls would love to give one to each of their teachers when they return to school during Easter Week.

I picked up a pack of thin wooden ovals and some black chalkboard spray paint. After allowing the chalkboard paint to dry really well, I painted the a brightly colored frame with two coats of craft paint. Then I sanded the edges and the front side of the oval. Then using a chalk pen I wrote different words and quotes having to do with the Resurrection at the top of each oval and tucked them in the baskets. I can always erase the chalk and repurpose these for another occasion. I’m thinking gift tag, place card, monogram, anything really!

I’m going to place the baskets, one on each plate for Easter Brunch and then again for dinner. If I were hosting a bigger party, I would probably just make enough to place down the center of the table.

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