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7 things I love about living in Indiana

Living in Indiana for five months doesn’t make me an expert, however it does give me a bit of a compare and contrast perspective. Certainly, these opinions and perceptions may change over time, I’m sure they will. Some of my friends back East have been asking about what the differences are between living in Northern Virginia and Indiana. I think instead of offering comparisons, I’ll to give you a list of seven things I love about living here in Indiana. Then wherever you dwell, you can make the comparisons for yourself.

So how are we, really? An update on our move to Indiana

The moving process is exhausting, there’s no question about that. Beginning with the sale of the old house all the way to unpacking the last box in the new house, it takes a lot out of a person. But what also takes a lot out of you is the letting go and the attaching too. I miss my friends in Virginia. Like a lot. I think of them often, wondering how they’re doing, especially as it relates to the things we used to do together: dance carpooling, Back to School activities, standing on the sidelines at games, running into each other at Mass or at the grocery store.

New Home Tour: Family Room and Kitchen

Welcome to the heart of our home, the family room and kitchen. This is where our family spends most of our time, lounging around, reading books, watching movies, and of course, cooking and eating. None of the houses we’ve lived in have had this open concept. I must say, I love the convenience and practicality of this layout.

New Home Tour: Entryway and Dining Room

Welcome! I wish I could actually have you over for a cup of coffee and a tour of our Indiana home. Wouldn’t that be fun?

New Home Tour: The Sitting Room and Master

One of the most enjoyable aspects of moving has been to re-imagine where to place our furniture and how to put it to good use in a new space.

New Home Tour: The Girls’ Room

Decorating a space for two girls can be a challenge, especially when one girl is ten, entering her tween years, and the other is six and still very much a little girl. I think the key is to think long-term. What colors, patterns, designs, and styles will stand the test of time for both of them? What furniture will grow with the girls as they get older?

New Home Tour: Nursery

This week’s peek into our new home is of the nursery. I’m a sucker for a cute nursery. Then again, who isn’t? With the wall color, the whimsical flowers painted by hand, and the built-ins, this room already had plenty of charm, so it really was just a matter of arranging furniture and styling the built-ins. Fun and easy!

Independence Day Decor

Happy July 4th Weekend! First of all, how on earth is it already July? I feel like I say that every year at this point of the summer. I guess I’m feeling more surprised by how quickly time is flying because of our big move. So much to do! So many things to see! I’m having a blast decorating our new home, putting my mark on our space.